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Organisation Profile


( Founded: 2013)


We are a South African Esports MGO - We have competitive representation in COD, HALO, FIFA, CSGO - Proudly partnered with RAZER , Apex Interactive SA & HashTag PWND - #BleedYellow #TeamRazer

Organisation Structure

Clint 'CS1977' Smith
Bernhardt 'SoDa' van Heerden
Christopher 'The_Dexo' Ysendyk
Christopher 'MrTippmann' Kilgour
Damien 'Damz' Oosthuizen
Hendre 'VnCo Jarffz' Smuts
Ian 'BobbyO' Oosthuizen
Joshua 'BLU3' Weiss
Lee 'Javaa' Johnson
Liam 'Lichl0rd' Webster
Matthew 'Hashimoto' Maselle
Renier 'WhoElse' Coetsee
Reuben 'Scara' Lipawsky
Sean 'Acearino' Teuchert
Tristan 'Vinco_Skeamz' Harris
Werner 'Healzz' Healz
Player 1: VnCo Javaa
Player 2: VnCo MrTippmann
Player 3: VnCo Vinco_Skeamz
Player 4: VnCo Scara
Player 5: VnCo VnCo Jarffz
Player 1: VnCo Hashimoto
Player 2: VnCo Damz
Player 3: VnCo BobbyO
Player 4: VnCo Lichl0rd
Player 5: VnCo WhoElse
Player 1: VNCO The_Dexo
Player 2: VNCO BLU3
Player 3: VNCO Acearino
Player 4: VNCO Healzz
Reserve Player 1: VNCO SoDa