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Organisation Profile

Bravado Gaming

( Founded: 2006)


Bravado Gaming is a premiere multi-gaming organization located in South Africa and serves home to some of the best local and international competitive e-sport athletes whilst simultaneously building a lifestyle, gaming brand. It is our aim to help the progression of e-sports both locally and internationally by raising levels of competition and increasing public involvement and developing corporate opportunities. Established in 2006, as one of South Africas oldest competitive teams, Bravado continues to grow from strength to strength.

Organisation Structure

Jana 'SaltyMonkey' du Toit
Andreas 'bvdcent' Hadjipaschali
Tiaan 'T.c' Coertzen
Abdullah 'anneKsiy' Adam
Alton 'Inferno' Coetzee
Aran 'Sonic' Groesbeek
Cahil 'SchizzY' Henry-Leyte
Carmen 'Cjay' Mcleod
Christin '2SSB' Meistre
Dillon 'Lithium' Charalambous
Dimitri 'Detrony' Hadjipaschali
Johnny 'JT-' Theodosiou
Jordan 'Scorpus' Cupido
Karl 'KW' Wilhelm
Kayhla 'KayC' Calder
Meagan 'Queen' Macvicar
Nasir 'Vxktor' Kriel
Nelson 'Kaspar0v' Camargo
Rachel 'rayChil1za' van Dyk
Rahil 'Rahil' Bux
Rhys 'Fadey' Armstrong
Robert 'Kohvz' Levkov
Ruan 'ELUSIVE' van Wyk
Thulani 'LighteRTZ' Sishi
Player 1: bravado Inferno
Player 2: bravado Lithium
Player 3: bravado Scorpus
Player 4: bravado Rahil
Player 5: bravado Kohvz
Player 1: bravado SaltyMonkey
Player 2: bravado 2SSB
Player 3: bravado KayC
Player 4: bravado Cjay
Player 5: bravado Queen
Reserve Player 1: bravado rayChil1za
Team Coach: bravado LighteRTZ
Player 1: bravado Sonic
Player 2: bravado Detrony
Player 3: bravado JT-
Player 4: bravado Fadey
Player 5: bravado ELUSIVE
Reserve Player 1: bravado T.c
Team Coach: bravado T.c
Player 1: bravado anneKsiy
Player 2: bravado SchizzY
Player 3: bravado KW
Player 4: bravado Vxktor
Player 5: bravado Kaspar0v
Reserve Player 1: bravado bvdcent
Team Coach: bravado bvdcent
Player 1: bravado SaltyMonkey